Nagarpalika Election-2017, Performa for Data Collection

Credibility of EVM

मुख्यमंत्री अल्पसंख्यक विद्यार्थी प्रोत्साहन राशि की सूची

DM order regarding Payment of School fee through Cheque

आपदा जोखिम न्यूनीकरण रोड मैप 2015-30

कृषिवर्ष 2016-17 के रब्बी गेंहूँ का फसल कटनी प्रयोग हेतु आयोजन सूची

कृषि वर्ष 2016-17 के अगहनी धान फसल की फसल कटनी प्रयोग हेतु आयोजन सूची

Executive Assistant Apointment Letter under BPGRA (Revised)

Blood Donation-Volunteer Application Form

DDT Spray Workers Final List Year 1992 to 2011 Part-1

DDT Spray Workers Final List Year 1992 to 2011 Part-2

sampark sampark

      Patna is the largest town and headquarters of Patna district, Patna division and Bihar state. Patna is the capital of Bihar state. It is located on the south bank of the river river Ganga. It is well connected by railway and road. It is mainly an administrative and educational centre of Bihar. It has however a few ancient sacred places as also places of tourist interest.
      Rice is the main crop of the district. It accounts for more than one third gross area sown. Other important food grains grown are maize, pulses and wheat. Non-food crops consist mostly of oil-seeds, cash crops such as vegetables, water-melons etc. are also grown in Diara belt.