"Patna Sahib Mahotsav" is celebrated every year on the occasion of 'Baishakhi' in the birth place of Guru Govind Singh Ji, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs. The Gurudwara Patna Sahib is one of only five Takhats or Holy Seats of Authority of the Sikhs.
The festival starts with the rituals at the "Gurudwara Gura Ka Bagh" and Takhat Sri Harmandir Ji, Patna Sahib, which includes "Akhand Path" and "Nagar Kirtan Julus" in the leadership of Panch Pyare.

“Baishakhi” bears a great significance for the Sikhs due to the fact that on the Baisakhi Day in the year 1699, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid down the foundation of the “Panth Khalsa”, that is the Order of the Pure Ones. This day is also observed as the thanksgiving day by the farmers whereby the farmers pay their tribute, thanking God for the abundant harvest and also praying for the future prosperity.

Since 2010, Department of Tourism, Government of Bihar have been organising a cultural evening for two days on this occasion. In the year 2013, many other events have been introduced as a part of this two day celebration such as handicrafts exhibition, Rangoli competition, painting competition etc.