Flora and Fauna

Flora-Fauna The land in the district is too fertile to be left for wild growth. The district is devoid of any forest wealth of consequencies. The alluvial tract of land yields rice, sugar-cane and other foodgrains. The area under cultivation is studded with mango orchards and bamboo clumps. In the fields adjoining the Ganges weeds such as ammannia, utricularia, hygrophile and sesbania grow. But palmyra and date palm, and mango orchards are found near habitations. Dry shrub jungles are sometimes seen in the villages away from the rivers.

Trees commonly met with are bel, neem, siris, jack-fruit and the red cotton tree.

Leopard, hyena, jackal, fox
and wild cat are some of the carnivore found in the district, but their number is very small.

Sometimes dolphins could also be seen in the river ganges.

Ammannia Utricularia Hygrophile Sesbania Siris tree
Ammannia Utricularia Hygrophile Sesbania Siris
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